CCH provides a cultural approach to Mental Health Care
Circle of Care and Hope Healing Center, Inc. (CCH) offers a holistic, interventionist approach to treating blacks with mental illness by integrating three healing principles – a biblical worldview, culturally appropriate practices and multi-theoretical healing applications. Our unique methodology breaks down the barriers of stigma and shame associated with mental health, empowering Blacks in sustainable healing and overcoming their unequal access to effective mental health treatment and healing.

CCH realizes that black people are a high risk for mental and emotional stress due to economic insecurity, responsibilities of care giving, racism, violence, lack of social support and physical illness or disability. As a result, many deal with tension, anxiety, and fear on a daily basis. We understand that mental stress can have dangerous consequences and our goal is to help as many people as possible.

We understand that the mental health care system must incorporate treatments that appreciate and empower the unique worldview and culture of blacks in order to overcome their reluctance to seek help. Specifically, nursing must adopt a transcultural approach to healing, improve educational efforts to better reach blacks, and advocate more effectively for financial aid in meeting basic needs, which must first be met before psychological needs. CCH is passionate about improving the lives of black people who are struggling with physical and/or mental illness and addiction. Our purpose is to engage and empower black people with a Circle of Care and Hope that overcomes their unequal access to effective mental health treatment.

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